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2022 Texas Our Driving Concern Employer Traffic Safety Awards Nomination Form

This award recognizes Texas employers who have demonstrated a commitment to transportation and driver safety that promotes a culture that actively promotes traffic safety on and off the job.
Employers who have created or implemented driving safety solutions and practices, programs or policies should apply for this award. Areas of focus may include any aspect of transportation safety targeted at employees,  the employees families, the community and contractors.

Applicants / Texas employers will be judged on the basis of what their company is doing in terms of their driver safety program and transportation safety education and outreach within their company's safety culture focusing on driver behavior.
Each business application will be reviewed individually based on merit. Consistent and on-going as well as on and off the job considerations are key components.


  • Any Texas employer is eligible regardless of company type or size. 
  • Nominated company must have operations in Texas.
  • Nominator does not have to be an employee of the company being nominated. 
  • Previous award recipients are eligible for nomination.


  •  Applications must be submitted by February 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM CST


  • Exemplary Award Recipient  Employers who are exceptional due to their emphasis on transportation safety in the workplace and beyond in addressing driver behavior.
  • Award Recipient  Employers who make transportation safety a priority in their health and safety management system.
  • Honorable Mention  Employers that are worthy of recognition due to their efforts in the area of transportation safety.

BEST PRACTICES: Award recipients exemplify the highest standards of achievement in the field of employee education and outreach in the area of traffic safety and driver behavior. These programs can serve as models or standards of comparison for Texas employers developing or reviewing their own workplace traffic safety programs. In the spirit of sharing best practices in traffic safety, the nominated organization agrees that the National Safety Council and the Our Driving Concern program may use this information in future promotional material, on the web or in print.

Application deadline is January 7, 2022 at 5pm Eastern

2022 Road to Zero  Community Traffic Safety Grants

Road to Zero Coalition:
Launched in 2016 as a partnership between the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Safety Council, the Road to Zero Coalition has the goal of ending fatalities on our nation’s roads by 2050. Tens of thousands of people die on U.S. roads each year, with historic increases and growing number of deaths for vulnerable users. To address this devastating trend, the Road to Zero Coalition, made up of over 1,700 member organizations, brings together a cross-sector approach to implementing proven techniques, sharing important research and information, and advancing the conversation around transportation safety through its three pillar, multi-modal framework focused on:

  • Doubling down on what works through proven, evidence-based strategies
  • Advancing life-saving technology in vehicles and infrastructure
  • Prioritizing safety by adopting a safe systems approach and creating a positive safety culture

Road to Zero Grant Program:
The focus of the Road to Zero Grant Program is on innovative and promising approaches for implementing evidence-based countermeasures, supporting a Safe System Approach, and performing necessary research to address traffic fatalities and improve traffic safety. Learn more about the Road to Zero Grant Program and the work of previous grantees.

  • Proposals should demonstrate the promising nature of the countermeasure by describing the innovative implementation approach, citing the evidence of effectiveness or identifying how effectiveness will be evaluated, and/or discussing how the project fills a gap or addresses existing disparities in traffic safety.
  • Proposed projects should have measurable objectives and generalizable results. That is, projects should demonstrate innovative approaches that could be replicated in other locations or scaled up to a broader level.
  • Proposals from past Road to Zero grantees are acceptable. They may be for new projects or for additional innovations on the previous project (i.e. phase #2) but not a continuation of any current or previous project.


  • Applicants must be a Road to Zero Coalition Member 
  • Applicant must be a non-profit organization or other entity.  Individuals cannot apply.
  • Government Entities (cities, states, counties, governors’ safety offices, etc.) also qualify.
  • Proposed programs must operate within the United States.


  • Organizations may apply for a one-year grant.
  • Supplanting is prohibited. "Supplanting" is defined as the "Use of Federal funds to support personnel or an activity that is already supported (paid for) by any other funds".
  • Proposals selected will be reimbursed for mutually agreed grant expenses.
  • Awarded grants are contingent upon the availability of funds.


  • Grant applications are due by January 7, 2022 at 5pm Eastern
    • Grants will be awarded beginning in early 2022.
    • Grant work will have expected completion date of on or before one year after the date of the award.


  • Proposals selected will be required to submit quarterly reports and documentation showing objectives that have been met.
    • Documentation will show objectives that have been met, time spent, and expenses incurred for grant activity.
    • Grantees will submit monthly invoices for reimbursement using guidelines set out by Road to Zero and the National Safety Council.
    • Grantees will be expected to have quarterly meetings with Road to Zero staff.
    • Grantees will be expected to submit a final report detailing the project and lessons learned.
    • Grantees will be expected to participate in promotional activities for the grant program and the funded projects including presenting on webinars and other meetings.
    • These grants are subject to the Federal funding requirements under CFDA #20.614.

Review Committee

  • All submissions will undergo a technical review by National Safety Council staff, and will then be forwarded to an external Review Selection Committee for consideration.
  • Committee members will include individuals such as business leaders, safety advocates, researchers, etc.
  • Individuals and/or organizations applying for grants will not be eligible to serve on the Review Selection Committee.

Award Information

  • $750,000 dollars will be disbursed per year (subject to NHTSA funding disbursement), and the requested amounts must be between $50,000 and $250,000.

Grant applications are due by 5 pm (Eastern time) January 7, 2022
If you have questions email us at roadtozero@nsc.org

National Safety Council