The NSC Young Professionals Division is proud to host a video series aimed at those new to the safety profession, whether fresh from college or several years into a career but new to safety. Launching in the summer of 2018 and available for view on social media, this video series aims to both answer questions common to new safety professionals and provide deeper sessions on safety topics by professionals across industries. 

Individuals are invited to submit a description of their selected topic along with a 30 second sample of their video for consideration. Please log in below or create an account to submit this form. 

 The National Safety Council recognizes outstanding advances in safety throughout the year through a variety of award programs – one of the most prestigious being the Green Cross for Safety® Awards. Nominees and recipients demonstrate alignment with the NSC mission of eliminating preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy. 

The NSC Green Cross for Safety Awards honors three types of achievement each year: Safety Excellence, Safety Innovation and Safety Advocate. 

Green Cross for Safety Excellence 

This award recognizes a corporation, coalition or organization that was relentless in its pursuit of safety. 

Nominees in Safety Excellence should have: 

  • Identified an obstacle to eliminating preventable deaths or injuries 
  • Developed a solution to the problem identified 
  • Implemented the solution with significant measurable results 
  • Evaluated the solution and planned next steps 
  • Recognized its value to the safety community and planned steps to share with others 

Green Cross for Safety Innovation 

This award recognizes a researcher, corporation, or organization that has achieved success addressing a long-held challenge in safety with a new or novel approach. 

Nominees in Safety Innovation should have: 

  • Identified a long held obstacle to eliminating preventable injuries or deaths 
  • Developed a transformative approach to the problem identified 
  • Reviewed, researched or implemented the solution with significant measurable results 
  • Evaluated lessons learned and made recommendations for next steps for the approach 
  • Recognized its value to the safety community and planned steps to share with others 

Green Cross for Safety Advocate 

This award recognizes a community partnership, individual or coalition that has made a significant impact on a safety issue by advocating for proven or promising practices to raise awareness or change policy to prevent further injuries and deaths. 

Nominations for Safety Advocate should have: 

  • Focused on change in one key area of safety 
  • Advocated for the use of evidence-based practices in their sphere of influence. If working with a promising practice, nominee should have helped evaluate the practice’s effectiveness. 
  • Succeeded in influencing change, such as changing legislation or behavior 
  • Planned for future advocacy in the chosen area 
  • Recognized its transferability and planned steps to share with others 

Completion of this form is not a part of the nomination process, but is simply a way for you to be reminded to nominate the program or individual. If you have additional questions about the NSC Awards process, please contact Sarah Van Huis at

About the Congress & Expo Scholarship

The NSC Congress & Expo is the world's premier annual safety event, bringing together 15,000 safety, health, and environmental professionals from various industries. The 2019 NSC Congress & Expo will be held in San Diego from September 7-13, 2019. All scholarship recipients will be provided the opportunity to attend at no cost, with access to technical sessions, keynote addresses, an Expo of over 1,000 companies, and networking events. This is an invaluable opportunity for scholarship recipients to meet and learn from thousands of safety and health professionals. For more information about the NSC Congress & Expo, visit

About the Women in Safety Scholarship

The NSC Women in Safety Scholarship helps support women pursuing safety as a career and promote safety as a career path for those women studying business or engineering. 

The Women in Safety Scholarship is a cash award of $5,000, renewable for up to four years. In addition to the monetary award to be used for educational purposes, the Women in Safety Scholarship recipients will be invited to attend the 2019 NSC Congress & Expo held in San Diego from September 7-13, 2019 at no cost. For more information about the NSC Congress & Expo, visit

About the Billy D. Young Memorial Scholarship

The NSC Construction & Utilities Division honors Billy D. Young – the first NSC Public Utilities Division chair – with this scholarship in his name. Given to one student per year who intends to pursue a career in the utilities industry, the Billy D. Young scholarship provides the winner the opportunity to attend the NSC Congress & Expo and a $2,000 award.

For more detailed information on each scholarship, please see

NSC Student Members

NSC student membership opportunities are made possible through funding by the National Safety Council and its members.  Click here to join NSC as a student member; there is no cost for membership. If you are a current student member and need assistance, contact or call 800-621-7619. If you are unable to become a student member because you have not yet been accepted into a program, please contact for assistance. 

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