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About the Lorraine Pack Memorial Scholarship

The Lorraine Pack Memorial Scholarship helps female students who are interested in pursuing EHS or related fields.  The Lorraine Pack Memorial Scholarship provides the winner a $2,000 tuition award, and the opportunity to attend either the annual Campbell Symposium or the NSC Congress & Expo at no cost. While the tuition award can be provided to students attending a United States based institution from anywhere in the world, the travel portion is only available to those from the United States and Canada.

Who was Lorraine Pack
Lorraine Pack inspired those around her to care for each other’s safety and protect the environment in which we live and work. She participated in Campbell Institute events and embraced the Institute’s focus on solving global environmental, health and safety challenges through innovation and research. Lorraine mentored women of all ages on what it takes to be an EHS professional, the importance of connecting with operational leaders, and inspiring employees to improve stewardship and lead with EHS. The Lorraine Pack Memorial Scholarship Fund, established by Laura Fiffick, Brittany Westphal and other generous donors, allows Lorraine's legacy to live on by inspiring young women to pursue careers in the EHS field.

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