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The Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award shall be granted to individuals who have made significant, meaningful contributions to safety, health or the environment as a member of a Division or one of its Sections or Committees.

Purpose: To recognize members who have made significant, meaningful contributions to safety, health or the environment and to the National Safety Council for no less than fifteen years. The award is intended to serve as a form of appreciation on behalf of the Division and of the National Safety Council. The level of service to be recognized need not be at the level required for the Distinguished Service to Safety Award (DSSA), however, it should represent long term, substantial contributions and significant, meaningful accomplishments towards achieving the goals and objectives of the Division or one of its Sections or Committees.

Scope: The NSC Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award is designed to celebrate excellence and show gratitude to individuals dedicated to advancing the mission of the National Safety Council through its constituency groups. 

Eligibility: To be eligible for nomination, the individual must:

  • Have been in good standing in an NSC Division, Section or Committee for a minimum of fifteen years, and
  • Have dedicated time and resources to advance the goals of the Division and/or the Council

Criteria: The criteria for evaluating nominations may include, but not be limited to:

  • Lifetime contribution to or impact on safety
  • Overall service to the National Safety Council and/or its Divisions, and advancement of its mission through his or her service

Recipient: This award may only be awarded to any individual once in his or her lifetime. 

Nominator Guidance: When considering a nomination for the NSC Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award, it is important to consider the following:

  • Nominators should spend time early in the process discussing the nomination process with NSC Award Manager, who can serve as a coach and mentor.
  • The nominator’s obligation to the nominee and the process includes preparing a professional nomination package. A nominator may inform and engage the nominee in preparing this. 
  • Powerful, successful nominations are crisp in form, clear, neat, organized and not encumbered with extraneous information and endorsements.
  • All nominations must be submitted through the online application with all required fields complete.  No other documents will be accepted in lieu of the online form.

Deadline: All nominations must follow the NSC Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award guidelines. Final nominations must be submitted online by March 16, 2018.

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